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Analysis of the use and use of the two construction pump

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      With the development of modern industry, building mechanization has become a new trend of future development. The two construction pump is fully mechanized operation. It is used for artificial pouring concrete. The pump system is several times of artificial construction, saving time and labor cost, and improving the efficiency of labor production. The hydraulic two structure pouring pump is developed and produced by Rui Niu machinery. It adopts new technology, new materials, advanced processing technology and skillful technical workers to make it carefully. Carefully inspecting the inspectors before leaving the factory ensured the high quality of the two structural pouring pumps. Our company does not reduce the technical performance of secondary structure pouring pump, change the cost of product components, in good faith to provide users with the most favorable price.
      The use of the two construction pump:
      When the mortar level in the hopper is still above the axis of S tube, concrete is added and normal pumping begins. Attention should be paid to the concrete added to meet the pumping requirements. Clear large aggregate in time to prevent large diameter aggregate from entering the hopper to avoid blockage. When cleaning the pipeline, it should be appropriate to make the residual concrete in the pipeline as possible as possible in the construction site. The machine can use the pump directly to pump water to clean the pipe. In any case, the cylinder hopper should be cleaned and the pipe is cleaned.
      The use of the two construction pump:
      For tunnel excavation and maintenance of roads, bridges, dams, mines, construction of high-rise buildings and foundation grouting. Two structural column filling, reservoir, hydropower station, port wharf, all kinds of pressure grouting, foundation treatment, soft foundation, reinforcement grouting, tunnel, subway mine construction, backfilling grouting bolt support. Peng wide trading company professional sales, hydraulic two construction column special pump, fine stone concrete pump, mortar pump, mortar pump and other construction machinery series, and construction machinery accessories mixer pump attached type vibrator motor. The product has many advantages, including the essence of its own research and the manufacture of the Seiko. It makes the products with a multi - use machine, simple operation, time saving, labor and convenience, etc. Since its launch, the product has been well received by users and sold throughout the country.
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